Le Marathon du Mont-Blanc supports three causes :

  • L'association "Vaincre les Maladies Lysosomales" - Rare but not alone !

Running for fun and giving to advance medical research.

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Because it was clear right from the start that there was strength, VML has chosen to open up to all lysosomal storage diseases, rare and very rare, known and less known. A positive choice as the experience shows that our 53 diseases, although different, confront the parents, patients, doctors and scientists to many common questions and issues. The support synergies, daily support, medical care and scientific approaches have benefited from this joint mobilization and experiences with each other ...

In a proactive approach, the VML Association has set three tasks:

Offer help and support to patients and their families
Foster scientific and medical knowledge
Promote the work of VML and help fund programs
Overcoming Lysosomal Diseases is a non-profit association (Law of 1 July 1901), created in 1990 and recognized of public utility by decree of 6 December 2006.



  • Vaincre la Mucoviscidose - Beat cystic fibrosis vaincre la mucoviscidose

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive tract of about 6300 children and adults in France.

"Vaincre la Mucoviscidose" is a non-profit organization created in 1965 by parents of children with CF. The foundation follows 4 goals :

Cure CF by helping and financing research in France and all around Europe
Treat right now by improving health care
Improve lifestyle quality in order to make a life with CF more acceptable and bear up with it
Alert on the gravity of CF by communicating toward the public in general and towards parents and family affected with CF.
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  • Soutient aux projets sportifs des enfants !

En 2016, les enfants de 5 sections du Club des sports de Chamonix ont pu mener à bien leur projet sportif grâce aux dossards solidaires et à l'argent donné par les coureurs. 


Last April, 8 swimmers competitors have benefited from a swimming course in Loano in Italy.

Program : two workouts a day with conditions dreams, pool of 50 meters outside with the sun!

Beach, baby-foot and of course delicious ice cream were also there ! Unforgettable ...

Because the way to success is more beautiful than the destination...
Thank you for charity bibs !




For two years the Chamonix golf school want to prepare for the season as soon as possible.

Climat of our region does not allow us to prepare juniors in good conditions in the various departmental championships always take place in the spring.

This year our project was to offer a 3-day course at the Golf Garlenda , which is located on the Italian coast in the region of Liguria.

Thanks to the initiative of the sports club, and your support with "charity Bibs " we could prepare our best young maturities early season.




This summer Chamonix's Figure Skating club will kick off the new 2016/17 season by heading to Megève for an intensive training course.

The course is open to skaters in the pre-competition and competition groups and has been specially designed to give our team a head start for the new season.

The team will benefit from a mix of training sessions including figure skating, dance, physical fitness and theory lessons to help understand how the new competition rules work.

Outdoor activities, swimming and cultural visits also form part of the program, helping build camaraderie and reinforcing an already strong team spirit – vital in a sport that many still consider to be individual.
Thanks to donors of Mont-Blanc Marathon charity bips.


patinage artistique


Last May, the younger players of Chamonix Football Club took part in the International Tournament in Rimini, Italy ...

They were 45 in number, divided into two Under 11 teams, an Under 13 team and an Under 15 team. Whether attacker or defender, each in their own way managed to shine on the field.

They all had an experience and a great adventure, both in sporting and social terms. Roll on next year for some new adventures...

Thanks a lot to donors of Mont-Blanc Marathon Charity Bips





The children of the Korean martial arts section will go to the South of France next spring with as a teaching purpose of learning community life, better known each other and develop independence.

The Sports Goal is to improve the practice of Hapkido and Taekkyeon in a different environment.
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