Registration opening

Pre-registration for Mont Blanc 80k start today : Monday 17th october.

And registrations for 10k, Vertical KM, Duo étoilé and mini cross.


2017 registrations

Registration organisation for 2017 :

Registration only on internet with a secure paiement by credit card.
There will be a draw for registration of Mont-Blanc 23km, 42km and 80km.

Mont Blanc 80k
Pre-registration from Monday October 17th to Sunday October 23th, 2016
Annoucement of the runners selected Tuesday October 25th 2016

Mont Blanc 42k
Pre-registration from Monday October 24th to Sunday October 30th, 2016
Annoucement of the runners selected Tuesday November 1st 2016

Mont Blanc 23k
Pre-registration from Monday October 31th to Sunday November 6th, 2016
Annoucement of the runners selected Tuesday November 8th 2016

For the Mont-Blanc 10k, Vertical KM, Duo étoilé and Young Race Marathon registrations will start on October 17th 2016.

All accord is firm and final and implies total acceptance of the rules and regulations.

2017 registration conditions for runners not selected in 2016 :

Runners who were not selected for 2016 Mont-Blanc 23km, 42km or 80km will individually get a coefficient 2 which will double their chance to be selected if : 

  • they register for the race  they were not selected for in 2016
  • they register during the pre-registration time. The coefficient 2 will be lost after this period.

2017 New

Deux nouvelles épreuves au Marathon du Mont-Blanc :

Duo étoilé

Venez découvrir l’ambiance si particulière d’une course nocturne dont l’esprit d’équipe et le partage seront les maîtres mots. Vous repartirez avec des étoiles plein les yeux…
Discover the atmosphere of a night race with team spirit and sharing are the watchwords. You will leave with stars in your eyes...
Caractéristiques : Course nocturne par équipe de deux / Night race by team two.
Parcours : Chamonix – Alpages de Blaitière – Refuge du Plan de l’aiguille – Chamonix.
Départ / Start : Samedi 24 juin 2017, 21h00 place du triangle de l’amitié, Chamonix.

Distance 19km - Dénivelé 1270m+/-

Young Race Marathon : Une course pour les jeunes lors du Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Pour la 1ère fois, une course de 15 km sera réservée aux catégories cadets, juniors et espoirs sur le Marathon du Mont-Blanc. Organisée le dimanche 25 juin 2017 avec un départ à 10h00 du village du Tour, elle empruntera la fin du parcours du 42 km du Mont-Blanc.

For the 1st time, a 15 km run will be reserved for categories cadets, juniors and hopes on Mont Blanc Marathon. Organized Sunday, June 25, 2017 with a start at 10:00 from Le Tour, it will borrow the finish of the 42 km of Mont Blanc. 



TRAIL in semi-autonomy. A route with a distance of 83.7 km and a vertical gain of 5960m (reference : ITRA). Two fallback paths : the first one in case of excessive snow conditions (84km and about 6000m of vertical gain); the second one in case of  very bad conditions weather preventing rescue helicopter (78km and about 5000 of vertical gain). Limited to 1000 participants. Open from the category "hope".


TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 41.6km coupled with a positive vertical gain of 2760m, and a 1704m vertical drop off (reference : ITRA). Open from the category "hope". Limited to 2000 runners.


SHORT TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 23 km with a positive vertical gain of 1665m, and a 621m vertical drop off (reference : gpx file with 10m vertical threshold). Open from the Junior class. Limited to 1500 runners.


Time Trial. Distance of 3.8 km with a positive vertical gain of 1000m. Open from the Junior class. Limited to 400 runners.


Nature race. Distance of 10km on the cross-country ski trails, accessible to all runners regardless of their ability level.


Children's races between 800m - 3km (categories of schools athletics minimal) set in the Bois du Bouchet.