News 2015

The Mont-Blanc 80km race more wild and technical!

In only 2 editions, the Mont-Blanc 80KM race has become legendary in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley. With its 82km and 6000 meters of vertical, it has been recognized as one of the most technical trail races in France. The 80KM race is difficult but it is also one of the most beautiful! This year the course has evolved, mainly to avoid towns and favor secluded trails.

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The Mont-Blanc Marathon and Cross

With 12 and 37 editions respectively, the organizers, always striving to offer exceptional courses, wish to bring a few new ideas to make the adventure even more beautiful and more enjoyable!
In order to ameliorate the course out of Argentiere, the runners rejoin the Planet by the Rambles climb. The veterans will appreciate returning to the race's roots by finishing the course following the GR out of the combe de la Charlanon, then climbing Pain de Sucre and arriving to 'Altitude 2000'.

Mont-Blanc 10Km

To make the race marshals' job easier, the 10km race course will be reversed after the Aveyron Hotel. The runners will take the same course as the Cross and Marathon runners to avoid the possible confusion regarding orientation in the peloton. Tighter race markings will also be put in place.
Mont-Blanc Marathon Races



TRAIL in semi-autonomy. A route with a distance of 83.7 km and a vertical gain of 5960m (reference : ITRA). Two fallback paths : the first one in case of excessive snow conditions (84km and about 6000m of vertical gain); the second one in case of  very bad conditions weather preventing rescue helicopter (78km and about 5000 of vertical gain). Limited to 1000 participants. Open from the category "hope".


TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 41.6km coupled with a positive vertical gain of 2760m, and a 1704m vertical drop off (reference : ITRA). Open from the category "hope". Limited to 2000 runners.


SHORT TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 23 km with a positive vertical gain of 1665m, and a 621m vertical drop off (reference : gpx file with 10m vertical threshold). Open from the Junior class. Limited to 1500 runners.


Time Trial. Distance of 3.8 km with a positive vertical gain of 1000m. Open from the Junior class. Limited to 400 runners.


Nature race. Distance of 10km on the cross-country ski trails, accessible to all runners regardless of their ability level. Limited to 1000 participants.


Children's races between 800m - 3km (categories of schools athletics minimal) set in the Bois du Bouchet.