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Road Book 2016

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Course change for the 80km

The security commission met on June 14th to approve the feasibility of the different Mont-Blanc Marathon courses.

After many on-site visits, it was concluded that there was a significant amount of snow above 2200m in altitude and that many snow fields were still present between 1900m-2200m. Furthermore, many trails had deteriorated after the erratic springtime weather conditions.
The trail maintenance crew of the municipality of communes from the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley are working hard to guarantee the best course conditions for runners.

It is agreed that the course for the 10km, 23km, and 42km races will remain intact.

As for the Mont-Blanc 80km race, with its 6000m vertical gain,
the course does pass through various altitude sectors hence the safety commission has already initiated the first security measures.

The Col de la Terasse (2648m) is under snow from Loriaz (2020m). For ethical reasons the safety commission did not wish to secure this area with hundreds of meters of safety nets that would transform the mountains into a 'stadium'. The ideology to protect the environment is a strong priority and value for our races.
It has therefore been decided not to cross this mountain pass and reach the Emosson dam (1920m) by re-descending the Loriaz towards Vallorcine and then climbing up to col du Passet.

At the end of the course access to the plan d'Aiguille refuge (2233m) is deemed too dangerous due to the many sloping snow fields, especially considering that runners will be passing through this section at night. It is therefore planned that runners descend to Chamonix and pass by the Blatiere pastures.

On Monday June 20th the commission will have another meeting to examine and validate other sensitive sectors of the race: access to Brevent (2525m), la Tete au Vent (2110m), la tete de l'Arolette (2333m) and the Montenvers/Blatiere traverse (2100m).




TRAIL in semi-autonomy. A route with a distance of 83.7 km and a vertical gain of 5960m (reference : ITRA). Two fallback paths : the first one in case of excessive snow conditions (84km and about 6000m of vertical gain); the second one in case of  very bad conditions weather preventing rescue helicopter (78km and about 5000 of vertical gain). Limited to 1000 participants. Open from the category "hope".


TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 41.6km coupled with a positive vertical gain of 2760m, and a 1704m vertical drop off (reference : ITRA). Open from the category "hope". Limited to 2000 runners.


SHORT TRAIL in semi-autonomy. Distance of 23 km with a positive vertical gain of 1665m, and a 621m vertical drop off (reference : gpx file with 10m vertical threshold). Open from the Junior class. Limited to 1500 runners.


Time Trial. Distance of 3.8 km with a positive vertical gain of 1000m. Open from the Junior class. Limited to 400 runners.


Nature race. Distance of 10km on the cross-country ski trails, accessible to all runners regardless of their ability level. Limited to 1000 participants.


Children's races between 800m - 3km (categories of schools athletics minimal) set in the Bois du Bouchet.